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Retirement Living Q&A's for Sunshine International Resorts

I am a single person, would I be safe in Thailand?
We have many single men and ladies that have had enough of the stresses and loneliness of living alone. Very often loneliness is a silent killer, but here you become part of a community and you can get out and spend time with other people. The Thai people are so caring and kind, you will really feel safe living here. 
So many people tell me I can't own a property in my name, is that correct?
By Thai law, you can own an apartment in your own name 100% and you can sell it or leave it to anyone that you wish to when you decide.
I heard that it's difficult to get a visa, is that true?
It's not difficult, we can do everything for you. Just leave it with us. In fact with our retirement residences, for the first one year we can get you a Free Visa. You don't have to pay anything.
Why is health insurance so expensive?
Whilst many people don't have insurance, many others do have health insurance. The Price is similar to other countries all around the world. For many people it is an added expense, but because the cost of living is so low here, having good health insurance is still affordable for many. And if you do get health insurance, your healthcare will be at some of the world's best hospitals.
What would I do all day if I lived there?
You can play golf, water sports, tennis, join a club, go swimming, afternoon tea, visit the executive lounge, meet new people and so much more.  Transportation is also very cheap, you can travel around Thailand and Asia too! There are literally hundreds of things you could do if you wanted to. Just getting out in the sunshine, having a daily swim in the pool, meeting new people really does help keep your mind and body healthy.
What would be my bills each month if I lived in a retirement apartment at Sunshine Prestige?
Water Bill 150 Baht (3.50 GBP) (4.12 Euro) (4.22 US ) (5.95 AUD)
Electric Bill 1000 Baht (24 GBP) (27 Euro) (28 US ) (39 AUD)
Management Fees / Nurses / Executive Lounge / Hotel Services 9900 Baht (230 GBP) (272 Euro) (278 US ) (393 AUD)
TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES DEPENDING ON USAGE 11,500 Baht (267 GBP) (316 Euro) (324 US) (456 AUD)
Can I sell my apartment and if I do, do I lose something?
You are free to sell your apartment at any time at the price you want and to whom you want. We can help you sell it or you can use an agent too. Most agents take between 3 and 10% commissions.
How can I eat my style of food?
First of all there are hundreds of different Thai and International restaurants all around us, some are really cheap, others are not. You can get almost anything here in Thailand. We also have first class International Chefs who can make you special orders when you ask them.
Can I open a bank account in Thailand?
Yes and we can arrange it for you. The Banking system in Thailand is very good and we have not yet experienced any problems with the banks. Internet banking is really good and safe too!
How would I get around if I lived there?
The public transport in Thailand is really good. We also have Taxis that you can order via your telephone and we also have a free shuttle bus that goes several times throughout the day. Our free shuttle bus takes you to the city, the beach, the shopping malls and night markets too!
Thailand is really a wonderful and lively place to live.

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